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The Gifted Neurodivergent Child Podcast

Lillian Skinner, Beth Anne Johnson

A podcast dedicated to understanding and cultivating 2e children to their full potential. Hosted by two gifted neurodivergent mothers raising 5 gifted neurodivergent children ages 0 to 23. Beth Anne and Lillian cover every topic parents raising neurodivergent children face.  This podcast focuses on navigating the day to day high and lows of raising brilliant, beautiful, gifted, highly creative children.

Lillian Skinner is the founder of Gifted ND, Inc.,. She is also a Creative Intelligence Researcher, Philosopher, Silversmith, Prodigy/Savant Coach, Futurist, Systems Thinker and Consultant. Lillian hosts The Gifted Neurodivergent Podcast where each week she redefines the way the creative outliers move through the world. Focused on how the creative brain differs works differently from the neurotypical brain and what the value of each of the differences may be, she has turned most of the assumptions we have about neurodivergence on their head.  

Beth Anne Johnson is the founder of Lamar Creative Co. LLC, A company that provides services in professional coaching, consulting, and creative services. Johnson knows companies and leaders can accelerate their success through creative innovation and strategic thinking.